How I work and my values

I have over fifteen years’ experience working with universities and a wide variety of institutions to support the co-design and development of public engagement strategies and programmes.

My areas of expertise include public engagement, partnership, place-based engagement, systems thinking, and organisational learning. I am also an ILLM level 7 equivalent accredited coach with a wealth of facilitation, training and mentoring experience both online and in-person.

My clients include museums, universities, businesses, cultural organisations, science and discovery centres, civil society organisations and funders. I excel at drawing together complex information and bringing it together into a coherent narrative. Whatever the challenge or question, I will work with you to set out the context, draw in different perspectives, map out the options, and test the possibilities.

Questions you might approach me with include:

What is the current thinking and sense-making about this topic?

How do we get everyone on board with this?

What are the key interventions being made, and by whom?

What are we doing well? Where could we improve?

What is the state of the art thinking here?

How do I articulate my vision when I’m not entirely sure what I think yet?

How will we make this big idea work with all the constraints that are hemming us in?

What are we doing well? Where could we improve?

"David is a wonderful facilitator to work with. He proved to be an extremely quick learner and was able to master the intricacies in the relationships among different partners within just a couple of weeks. His support leading up to and during the conference was invaluable. With his help, we were able to set clear agenda and engage in fruitful discussions. He was sharp in identifying issues in the middle of the conference and helped us expedite the discussions to achieve the set goals. This conference was one of the best virtual events I've attended, which is a reflection of David's dedication and skills as a facilitator."
Gan Quan, Director of Tobacco Control at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.
"David carefully managed the dynamics of a broad and disparate group in a way that brought out the best in our partnership. He fostered a sense of shared ownership and enabled us to make a step-change in our strategic planning and teambuilding in the most challenging of circumstances."
Heather Lusardi, Coordinating Project Manager, STOP
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