What I can offer


I have a proven track record of orchestrating successful workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Through a thoughtful blend of group activities, discussions, and hands-on exercises, I create an environment conducive to active learning and collaboration. I can also help guide you through the process of adapting  face-to-face engagements to the digital landscape.

Regardless of the setting, my facilitation approach focuses on bringing stakeholders together, promoting dialogue, and enabling meaningful connections. I strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages participation and maximises the collective wisdom of the group. Whether online or in-person, I can support the event design, delivery or capture.


I offer comprehensive reviews of organisational structures and processes to identify areas where engagement and social responsibility can be strengthened. By delving deep into your organisation's culture, I can identify existing gaps, challenges, and opportunities, providing a foundation for  targeted strategies that enhance your capacity for engagement and social change initiatives.

Throughout my career, I have collaborated with various organisations, and worked extensively in the fields of public engagement and pedagogical approaches to social change. I work by surfacing and enriching ideas, probing and deepening thinking, and finding ways to involve key stakeholders in your visioning or strategic processes. In addition to my practical experience, I continually stay informed about emerging trends enabling me to offer cutting-edge insights and tailor strategies that align with your organisation's unique needs and goals.

Research and insight

I specialise in drawing together complex information into a coherent and insightful narrative. I work with clients across a variety of sectors to undertake consultations, evaluations of programmes and initiatives, and helping them to review, reflect and articulate the impact of their work. My knowledge base spans a variety of topics and broad themes. I have written extensively on creative practice, participatory research methodologies, public engagement, systems thinking, curriculum development, UNSDGs, behavioural attributes, digital identity, diversity, inclusive practice, human rights and leadership. I can also help by developing resources and case studies including workshop reports, guides, interactive tools and policy briefs.


So much of our everyday is relational. Our relationships with our peers at work; our managers are both personal and professional. We can write excellent business plans or develop efficient work systems; but, so much of this can go to waste unless we pay attention to the quality of human relationships. I offer equivalent ILLMLevel 7 accredited coaching in relational dynamics. My coaching draws on a wide range of approaches, including scenario visioning, thinking partnerships, and spacial work; informed by contemporary research into leadership, emotional intelligence and psychology.

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