A Handbook for Authentic Learning in Higher Education


This book challenges conventional teaching practice and presents meaningful and impactful alternatives across disciplines that are research-informed, student-centred and achievable

Bringing together a wide range of contemporary examples, this essential text shows how academics from an increasing range of disciplines and fields have shifted their attention away from the restrictions of campus-based education. Using engaging case study material, underpinned by cutting-edge research, the text shares innovations from over 50 different institutions, offers practical advice on facilitating authentic learning in real-world contexts and examines the range of alternative assessment techniques available to the contemporary teacher.

A Handbook for Authentic Learning in Higher Education is ideal reading for early career academics exploring approaches to learning, established academics searching for practical guides to emergent pedagogies and all those responsible for leading teaching and learning practices within their department or institution.

The book is available for purchase via Routledge.

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