Development of a Partnership Strategy


The aim was to inform the development of partnership strategy for the School of Maths, exploring opportunities and focus areas for Industrial Partnerships, including:

  • Identifying and exploring key focus areas (e.g., funders, partnership models, themes etc.).
  • Mapping the opportunities in key research strengths (e.g., data science, machine learning, AI etc.).
  • To explore potential models for strengthening the partnership strategy (e.g., developing an institute etc.).
  • To look at the infrastructure needed to support ambitions (e.g., resources, training, networking events etc.).
As part of the work I:
  • Reviewed plans/papers and helped developed pre-reading materials;
  • Designed and facilitated the workshop;
  • Produce an outcomes document from the workshop that can be presented to the Industrial Advisory Board

The facilitation was relatively straightforward. I used World Cafe and also used a quadrant informed by the work I had previously completed for the Strategic Partnerships Playbook to capture key relationships and strategic partners.

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