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TIMRA is annual continuing professional development course to help develop skills in researching, monitoring and investigating the tobacco industry and its multifaceted web of front groups, allies, and their underhand tactics. Traditionally this course is delivered face-to-face, but during the COVID-19 crisis it was delivered online. 

I was approached in the summer of 2020 to help the University of Bath pivot the TIMRA course for online delivery. Delivered over seven weeks, the course included fieldwork, interactive elements, pre-recorded elements, online discussion and debate, and built-in evaluation in each week’s delivery.

Our input included:

  • Designing tasks and coursework
  • Developing session outlines and facilitation guides around learning outcomes
  • Putting in place online routines to help encourage participants’ feelings of support and community
  • Ensuring a robust and sustainable programme which could be delivered again
  • Working with the course leads and project management team to ensure the smooth delivery of the course
  • Bespoke training for the delivery team in new facilitation techniques
  • Facilitating discussion during live sessions
  • Facilitating ongoing asynchronous engagement from participants
  • Using evaluation results, to review the course and provide recommendations for improvement

The course was successfully delivered, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from its participants.

“I enjoyed interacting with the team and building new links with many people working all over the world to protect the public health.”
“Comprehensive and very interactive.”
“The course was well designed, and the presenters were excellent (including the guest presenters)” 
“Good organisation, excellent IT support and great lectures. I have only positive words to describe all the persons involved, from the administration, IT support, moderation, lectures...It was helpful that there were subtitles on some lectures, discussions and small tasks. Very valuable experience! Keep going and stay safe.”  

If you would like to talk to me about facilitating online conferences or learning experiences, please get in touch.

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