Myriad Public Engagement Programme

The Myriad Project

MYRIAD is a research project interested in how schools promote young people’s well-being and resilience (the ability to adapt in the face of difficulties) throughout adolescence. We worked with the team from 2018-2020, offering support throughout the different phases of the project, from design through delivery and evaluation. In two years, the PE programme reached around 6,700 pupils through:

  • The Teenage Brain workshops: designed to inspire people with the science of the brain, informed by research into behaviours like risk-taking, emotions and the latest research into the mysterious working of the adolescent brain.
  • The MyriadResearch Challenge: provided young people with an insight into the research process, allowing them to design and shape research questions and analyse their data. We had the long-term goal to use the answers the young people provide to shape future research into wellbeing. Nearly 800 young people contributed research questions to the project.
  • A suite of digital resources that capture the role that mindfulness might play in helping young people live healthier and happier lives. 

I worked in partnership with two associates from Catalyst Learning and Communication. Our work involved building strong links with other organisations across STEM education, providing insights into school engagement, and the key ingredients required to foster successful partnerships, and helping design an innovative programme of activities with a very clear rationale and ambition.

Our support included strategic development, PE expertise (including evaluation, legacy building etc.), project management, resource development, communications, evaluation and scaling up programmes nationally.

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